Schüco awnings provide effective solar shading for both façades and windows, either vertical or sloping. They are installed very close to the façade and therefore protrude very little.


GlaslamellenGlass-louvre blades – transparent ease

The glass-blade provides perfect sun protection.


AluminiumlamellenAluminium louvre blades

The Schüco large louvre blade systems offer effective solar shading without impairing the view in any way. Whether daylight control or shading, manual or automatic control - with Schüco large louvre blades, façade and solar shading melt into one to form a single harmonious unit.


hochleistungssonnenschutz_introHigh-performance solar shading CTB

Schüco CTB (concealed toughened blind) solar shading is external shading that can be integrated into the façade and offers exceptionally high wind stability up to 30 m/s.

The solar shading Is constructed from micro aluminium louvre blades. Optimal shading is possible and at the same time a high level of transparency provides good views to the outside.

SchiebeladensystemeSliding Shutter Systems – Innovative System for visual- und sun- protection

The Schüco sliding shutter system ALB (Aluminium Louvre Blades) provides ideal screening and solar shading for windows in homes and offices alike. The aluminium folding shutters can be raised and lowered along tracks. Single vent and multi-vent systems can operate on single or double tracks.


raffstoreExternal Blinds

Schüco external blinds are an effective form of externally mounted solar shading.