profilfassade_introFacade system FW 50+.SI/ FW 60+.SI – aesthetics in many options, with an optimal heat insulation

Based on the millionfold proven systems Schueco FW 50+.SI and FW 60+.SI, system solutions are available which guarntee a maximum of flexibility in terms of energy, safety, automation and design.



Facade system FW 50+S.HI – in slender steel-construction appearance

If you want to achieve the effect of a slender steel-construction appearance but you do not want to abandon the material and system benefits of an aluminium construction, then FW 50+S.HI is the right solution for you.


fensterfassaden_introWindow Facades – with stick-system-character

Schueco AWS 70 WF.HI, the optimal alternative to the classical stick system, combines ideal economics and aesthetics.


aufsatzkonstruktionen_introAdd on constructions – on steel or timber add-on constructions

Impressive architecture can also be achieved using a different choice of materials. The best example of this are thermally insulated steel and timber add-on constructions for vertical façades or skylights.


BrandschutzfassadeFire protection facade – secure yet unobtrusive

A single spark can already be sufficient to trigger a fire disaster. Fire prevention has become a major responsibility for planners, the building supervisory board and manufacturers.



image056Structural Glazing Facades

The new thermally broken façade system Schueco SFC 85 (Stick Frame Construction) in the form of a structural glazing variation can provide particularly high value architectural solutions for curtain walling. As a result of the opening units being integrated flush with the façade, the fixed lights and opening units appear identical, both outside and inside.


image068Cold-Warm-Facade FW 50+/FW 60+

The Schueco cold-warm-facade for the systems FW 50+ and FW 60+ is due to the composite design as a cold-warm-facade a cost-efficient facade-construction.




profilfassade_introUnitised Facades

Even unusual architectural designs using high-quality building materials are normally still subject to economical planning and fabrication. Schueco has therefore developed highly flexible unitised façades based on a fully tested modular system and a tested system solution, which include all the required components for fabrication and installation.


SynergiefassadeSynergy Facades and Skylights

The integration of photovoltaic modules into the building envelope is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional infill panels. Schueco PROSOL system technology offers extraordinary possibilities in solar architecture which set new standards in design and efficiency.


schueco_introSchüco E² Facade

The highly integrated Schueco E² façade intelligently combines the building services with the building envelope using the modules for decentralised ventilation technology, high performance solar shading and solar energy generation. All service modules are concealed in front of the intermediate floor within the single-skin façade construction.