Architects/ Consultant engineers: Henn Architekten + Ingenieure, Berlin
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg

grossThe new transparency. What happens elsewhere behind closed doors, is worth an extraordinary spectacle to the Volkswagen AG. In the Volkswagen’s „Die Gläserne Manufaktur“ (The Translucent Manufactory), the visitors have the opportunity to observe in every stage, how their car is manufactured in the individual production stages. From the basic bottom platform up to the finishing of the car.

An impressive openness, which is reflecting in the architectural concept of the automobile manufacture. The tasks, which were set to us, required the use of all our performance potential aspects.

Our company’s specialists designed and assembled the following areas in the factory: the steel glass façade in the individual production areas, the window elements in the VIP-lounge and in the administration departments, the door elements in the transition hall, the outrand inner aluminium sheet metal façade in the administration departments, the glass construction in the area of the glass studio, the automatic sliding door facilities, the smoke detecting facility including controls and the bullet-proof façade of the porter’s lodge. Furthermore our engineers constructed the glass façade of the vehicle cylinder, the electrically heated steel glass façade, the ventilated sheet metal covers carried out as back ventilated cold façade in the VIP-lounge as well as the large sized roof border covering made of curved aluminium sheet metal.

The steel glass façade of the vehicle cylinder was realized as a tailor-made solution suspended over more than 40 m with static reinforcement down to the building base plate. We designed, produced and assembled the vertical façade as a hanging façade. It is overstretched in a height of more than 20 m and is equipped with individual glass panels with a single weight of more than 750 kg per unit. We carried out the aluminium sheet for the metal covers and the surface of the glazing in the administration department as overhead assembly.

Just like the steel glass façade in the area of the „glass studio“, the glazing of the administration department was partly equipped with fire protection glazing. The inserted glass panel sizes corresponded to the physical production limits.
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