RenovierenTrue style remodeling – fine structures, spokes and archs

During renovations of old buildings there are spezial requirements that can be excellently performed with versatile aluminium profiles.


MüntzerFor old-building renovations there are particulary suitable profiles available which maintain the familiar impression of buildings and combine the advantages of aluminium systems. With aluminium profiles it is possible to restore the slim elevations and various forms of old windows – with the additional advantages: they are timeless, corrosion-resistant and thermally insulated. Every remodeling task is solved advantageously – with lots of spokes, archs, window glazings and opening wing structures.



Profile systems for remodeling:

- Slim profile systems align harmoniously in the old building fabric
- Thin contours combined with high resistance through stable profile cross sections
- Good ductility – also for windows and doors with archs
- Fitted or embedded spokes possible
- Approved and miscellaneous system-technology for flexible soloutions and outstanding tasks
- Various shapes and colours, a diffrent colour inside and outside is possible